Day 33 Fonfria – Mamed del Camino

I had a terrible night, I couldn’t sleep, not because of others, my body ached and I had a headache, it turned out to be influenza and especially my feet and legs, everything ached.

At breakfast Connie said she was going to get a taxi to the next albergue, as she was having problems with her knee and needed a rest day. At the same time I heard that a German woman was ending her Camino here because she didn’t feel she could go on, she had got the staff to order her a taxi, I made a quick decision, i would take a free day so that i could be certain to complete the last 150km,  so i asked her if she wanted to share her taxi with Connie and me, which she did. So we drove to Paloma, Rick and Jim would carry on walking.

DSC00776While driving it rained all the time. Of course though, we waited at Fonfria til after 09:00 before leaving, we got to the albergue early while they were still cleaning. The german woman drove on to Sarria. Jim had booked on a booking portal for Rick & Connie in one room and Jim and i would share a room with 2 beds, but as our room wasn’t ready the hospitalaros offered me a room for myself for no extra charge, of course I said gracias. This albergue was in a secluded spot away from the road, and in beautiful surroundings, very modern, bungelow style, double rooms, 6 person rooms and 10 person rooms all with own bathroom communal diningroom with fireplace in the price. This was a family business. An oasis of peace and tranquility.

After getting our stuff in the rooms We had a snack and a beer and  exchanged notes and to get our experiences dates, times, and peoples names written down as correct as possible.

I think it’s time to tell that we had our mum with us, Connie! In the beginning  when we started pooling our washing together, Jim would break out in rashes with the thought of touching others clothes. Then Connie took over, she took our clothes every day put them in the machine and tumbler, and then folded them and put them on our beds, and she always got the right clothes to the right person. We never said it but took it for granted. THANK YOU MUM.

Rick and Jim came in in the early afternoon and after settling in and putting a wash on we had a couple of the usual.

Soon afterwards  pilgrims began to arrive some we had seen before and Andrew the travelling troubadour.

Not again!, a vegetarian albergue no choices, lintel soup with lots of chilli salad, with pasta in hot sauce and a desert which I can’t remember. We all had the same food and wine. Of course after the meal we all talked together, and Andrew played the guitar and sang. I went to bed and started to watch a movie on Netflix so as to fall asleep then I got the stomach ache it got worse and worse, then it happened!

I offered everthing to the gods and it helped about 03:00 I fell asleep.

Walked 0km. Weather drizzle about 15c°

Albergue Paloma y lena- Sarria