Day 34 Mamed del Camino – Mercadoiro

Sarria ahead

The Sun was shining and i felt much better than the night before.

Breakfast was also a vegaterian affair, you made it yourself and it was by donation I had water, toast with jam. I started an half hour before the others so I could have a little start on them. But would stop and wait for them at the first café in Sarria where I could have a proper breakfast.

What a difference from yesterday, sun from a cloudless sky. 06:30 Nice and cool walking on a gravel path next to the road, no cars or pilgrims just birds, a nice little walk of 4 km the sun had just come up and my feet felt good, I felt good. Then over a rise I could see down in the valley Sarria’s white building’s bathed in sunlight, what a sight.

Andrew and Jim having coffee

I stopped at the first bar in Sarria and ordered a coffee and tortilla and chocolate crossaint, I had just finished when Rick, Connie and Jim came, so I took another coffee, and Andrew walked in.

We all walked together through Sarria’s streets and now we could begin to see the tourist pilgrims, those that were on a short hike and got their luggage sent on in advance. While walking through Sarria we noticed there wasn’t  many people around of the local inhabitants, it turned out that it was Witson and especialiy in Spain had an extra days special holiday.

We climbed up to the outskirts of Sarria, with some spectacular views above Sarria. The most of the walk went slowly upwards, mostly in woodlands and gravel paths with lots of streams and views. Today was sunny,  warm and I would say relaxed. Jim sagged behind, talking to all the girls, Connie was busy taking photos I was plodding along enjoying the nice countryside Rick was in a vigorous humor and just began to walk fast, only stopping so we could have lunch together.

DSC00783 DSC00789 DSC00793






DSC00795 DSC00797 DSC00802This continued after lunch, while walking in between a group of tourist pilgrims I passed a gate only because I looked in and just inside sat Rick and Andrew drinking a beer, I looked surprised and asked how long to the albergue and was told it was here. I felt fresh and ready for more.

Andrew was going to ask if there was a vacent bed for himself. I sat down ordered some beers and took my boots and socks off. After 15 minute Connie came in with Jim and we had some more beer. Again Jim had booked in advance one room for Rick & Connie and one for us, the rooms were good with our own bath but later in the night, they smelled of septic tank. After a shower and while the others took a nap I went into the lovely garden there was classical music coming out of the speakers and enjoyed a couple of glasses of good Rioja red wine while looking at the hills and countryside. This hamlet had an official population of ONE!

We talked to some pilgrims that like us had ordered a pilgrims menu, wondering whyt there weren’t that many, especielly looking back at the busy afternoon, Maybe because they knew the dinner was not that good. It`s a pilgrims menu.

Weather about 18c° sunny

Walked about 22 km nice walk.

Albergue mercodiro-lugo