Day 35 Mecordoiro – Porto

We all woke early including Andrew but had to wait while the staff arrived and prepared breakfast, but as usual could always get fresh pressed orange juice.

Again a beautiful morning, sun from a cloudless sky a little morning mist, about 19c°.

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We walked slowly downhill through wine fields to the lake at Portomarin then on up into the town, where we stopped for second breakfast. What goes down, must go up, as did our route today. The route was very varied crisscrossing the main road several times, before going down into Porto and our albergue in the middle of nowhere.

Rick  Connie and Jim were in quick mode and sped off alongside the road,  Andrew and i walked along a dirt track for about an hour further away from the road. We all met up at a café had a lunch and then walked on some more got to our albergue.

This albergue was a privatly run and very clean and efficient staff, the owner a woman took Rick’s  rucksack to take up to their room Rick protested like a good gentleman to no avail, as she said you’ve walked all day.

Outside there were giant metal sculptures of ants. Andrew got a room where he had to share with Trevor an Australien who we would meet several times later, and four other ladies. Two German and a french woman Karin. Plus the german woman we shared a taxi with, the one who was going home, she had changed her mind after a good days rest, good for her. These people we would also meet again and again.

Of course we had to refill our depleted fluids and electrolytes,  and carbohydrates, as Jim would formulate it, at the same time getting to know Trevor, and the other women.

Because of our bad experience yesterday we were not interested in a pilgrims menu and this made the owner very sad, she promised us a meal we would be happy with. So we gave in! Thank god we did, really good well made food and wine and plenty of it. When she said good night later before going home we all gave her an ovation for the food, she got very embarrassed but happy. A very nice place!

Walked about 23 km weather sunny hot about 22c°

Albergue A paso de Formiga-Palas de Rei