Day 36 Porto – Melide

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Got up early and here we could get a breakfast of bacon and eggs already from 07:00, bought some water, ( started buying bottled water a while back because although  the water from both taps and fountains was clean, it tasted of clorin). Andrew slept on.

Again we walked mainly in shady woodland on paths though crossing the main road several times, we walked over a number of small bridges and walked through lots of small hamlets. In a larger town we had coffee and a bite to eat and in two barrels in the café the proprietor was checking the octopuses that were in there.

Later on i started thinking that I’ve been carrying my walking poles for a couple of weeks now, and not using them? Better get rid of them.DSC00833 DSC00829One of the poles was even broken, on one of the first few days, so even though it broke my heart to go without the extra weight, i decided to leave them at the 50km stone.



In to Melide early in the afternoon (we had planned the last days trekking distances, as we had planned and booked a hotel for the day we finished the camino.) We found a watering hole as Jim would say, near our hotel on the main street sat down had some lunch and a couple of beers, and as usual met old camino friends, Jim met Manualla again Andrew and the women from the evening before we all agreed to meet later and have dinner together. Went back to the hotel did our things and came down and sat outside the hotel to have a glas of wine before going off and meeting the others.

We visited a resteraunt that looked interesting and inside met some others we knew. We had large plates of different things so we could share the different  dishes. For the first time I ate octopus it was nothing to write about.

Sunny weather 21c°

Walked 22 km.

Hotel Xaneiro- Melide