Day 37 Melide – Calzada

We started out at 8:00 to an overcast but warmish day.

After walking through the town for abut 20 minutes we entered a very lush farmland there was hills, forests and an abundance of streams and small crossing points. There were also many bars to stop have a coffee and admire the view. Today it felt like a walk, enjoying the sound of birds the different smells, yes even the smell of old fashioned cow manure. The only thing that spoiled it, was the groups of tourists with the constant loud chatter of Spanish or Italien women.

Later on in town of Arzua I got lost from the others, missed the turning to the Camino and carried on the main road to Santiago. After 2-3 km I started looking at the map and could see that I was way off course, just then a taxi pulled up and the driver, grinning of course, asked  if i was lost, no I said but I need to get on track to Calzada, he said there was only 7 Km to Calzada i decided i might as well drive the last 7km to our stop.

Jim with the owners

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I was glad i did as it started to rain. I did not know where we were staying, but knew Jim had booked us in a place in Calzada. At an albergue, a kind woman rang round to some albergues to find out where we were booked, she succeeded and told me where to go. I got to this 220 year old farmhouse which had been completely renovated and modernized.

I checked in, had a shower and then sat outside in sunshine drinking cold beer and eating fresh baked bread and cheese while waiting for the others to get here.

Should have been a 24 km hike today but for me only 17 and the temperature about 18c.

The people that ran this albergue were really good to their guests, and the food was great.

Albergue Turistica-Salceda