Day 38 Calzada – Lavacolla Igrexa

We stood up late as we only had 18km today had a really good breakfast, had some good stories from the hosts.

It was drizzle when we started but the temperature rose til about 23c, so it was very humid. I must say it was a fantastic walk.

DSC00844Jim who for the first time complained both yesterday and today about influenzer and aching everywhere decided at a bar to take a taxi the last 8km to the hotel,  he took my rucksack with so that I could walk without any loads, wonderfull!.

As we had good time we had a lunch of spagetti and a big ice cream.

Apparently I had been walking in woods of eucalyptus trees without knowing it, but now I could really smell them and now know what they look like.

Jim had booked us in a luxurary hotel and we ate her . Jim and i shared a room but he had been in bed all day.

10 km left til Santiago

Hotel Ruta Jakobea-Coruna