Day 41 Journey home

Of course, today for the very first time  overslept. I thought I had woken at 4:30 i had set the alarm at 4:45 but forgot to adjust the volume as i  had muted it the day before in a church. In the bathroom getting ready to take a shower I saw that the time was 5:40, my train left at 6:00. I rang down and got the concierge to order a taxi, threw everything in the rucksack in one big jumble ran down the stairs with my boots in my hands and out the door, the taxi came at the same time, jumped in and finished dressing in the car. I made to the train with 3 minutes to spare.

Quicker than by car
Quicker than by car

This was an express train 5 hours to Madrid and some of the way it sped at 248 kmh. There was also a resteraunt car so I could get a coffee and food, there i realised that i had forgotten  my camera in the hotel. I rang to the hotel and asked them to look for it but after 5 minutes said it wasn’t there. So I rang to Rick & Connie and asked them to take a look which they did and got my camera.  They promised to forward it to me. That’s what I call really good friends.

In the train I met Marika again she had been sitting behind me all the time later on I would meet a few more that I had met and talked to on the Camino.



On the train I managed to bring my rucksack in order, change from wearing boots to sandles and put all my electronic stuff in a small rucksack type bag together with my passport and papers.

Without to much trouble after the train got in, just a question of following the rucksacks made a long way to the airport by bus and train checked in, and in the queue met Merete a Dane I’d  talked to at breakfat in Acebo, we had a bite to eat and coffee together before boarding our plane to Denmark. At CPH airport Merete my wife, was waiting to greet me, I was surprised that she did not comment on my unshaved, dishevelled, injured and tired look, but instead invited me to dinner at a sunset boulevard in the main train station before journeying on to Farum where we stayed the night at her sisters house.