Epilogue – Reflections

Been home 2 weeks now, I have been thinking a lot about my Camino, but that was then, but memories are nice to have.

It was harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I did’nt  train enough and overestimated my own capabilities. It was hard yes, different yes. But I wouldn’t have missed one minute.

Would i do it again? maybe, but probably not the same route. Maybe do it  from Sarria til Santiago – Muxia – Finnisterre – Santiago, but send luggage on to the different albergues and not carry anything but the  bare nescessaties. If I should do it again I would take more time to discover some of the places i passed and not just going from A to Z, like that was the primary goal, for example go from Orisson to Roncevalles, not look at anything but get there and then on to the next place like Zubiri. It was first when I got home that I read up on these places, and discover that I didn’t see this monument or building or experienced something else. I WAS A PILGRIM ON THE WAY TO SANTIAGO.

I have stayed at a variety of places from churches, to donativos public and private albergues, hostels and hotels all of a varying standard. I have eaten foods I’ve never had before, and had long and short conversations with strangers from all around the world.

“Helpfull” that was also a key word, stranges would give advice, medication, carry something heavy, or if you looked exhausted ask if you needed help, stop and share food and water or companionship. Looking back that IS the Camino . When your a pilgrim you are part of a special group or family if you like, everyone is the same, no class difference, just the way of doing it.

I felt like a lost tourist when I reached Santiago, and finished, i felt i was not part of the family anymore. Maybe it’s because on the Camino you have very basic needs, eat sleep walk, eat sleep walk, every day, no other daily worries. But time to think.

I have met many wonderfull people on my Camino, some I have had more interaction with than others. So please don’t be offended if your not named;

Sue & Pete NZ, Russ & Beth GB, Marika AUS. These fantastic. people i have met many times and many places and had a lot of good times with, But most of all, our little Camino family who stayed more or less together from start to finish nearly every day, we ate slept, talked and most of all walked together.

Rick & Connie CAN, Jim USA, Frank IRL Thanks for the experience. Would not have missed it for the world.

For me the camino is about people.

My end weight: 77.8 kg.= plus 1.5 kg. (The food did taste good!)

No. of kilometres = dependant on which sign you saw or which book you read, and which path you take. 776 til 820 km plus the loose ends.